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Black hole picture 2019 // Black hole facts // First image of a black hole

Here you can know about a black hole. It discovered in 2019. Also, you can know about the black hole scientist and their talk of relentless work.

Black Hole Picture

April 10th Wednesday, The first in history astronomers released the first image of a black hole and the history-making image spread across the internet like wildfire. It looked like an ardent orange and black ring. That image reveals the black hole at the center of Messier 87. Those pictures arrive from a collection of eight telescopes around the world specifically planned to peer at black holes. The telescopes are in Hawaii, Chile, Mexico, Arizona, Spain, and the South Pole.

Event Project Horizon project director at Harvard University Sheperd Doeleman said, “We have seen what we thought was unseeable. We have seen and taken a photo of a black hole”. This is an extraordinary scientific achievement completed by a team of more than 200 researchers.
Black hole picture 2019

Since the black hole is well black, what we see in the picture that is gas and dust turning about the hole, just far enough away to be safe. Those hot disk of material that turning about the hole shines bright, according to NASA. In opposition to a bright backdrop, such as this disk, a black hole appears to cast a shadow.
Black hole picture 2019

This picture is “one more strong piece of evidence supporting the presence of black holes and that, of course, helps verify general relativity”, says physicist Clifford Will of the University of Florida in Gainesville who is not on the group of EHT. “Being able to actually see this shadow and to detect it is a formidable first step.”

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