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Hey dear student, here I have shared a sample dialogue between 2 friends on the importance of learning computer. I hope, this will help you write dialogue on your own.


Let’s read the dialogue.

Question: Suppose you are Tamim. Your friend is Taskin. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about “The Importance of Learning Computer“.

Tamim: Hello, Taskin! How are you?

Taskin: Fine, Thanks. And You?

Tamim: Fine. What you intend to do after the SSC exam?

Taskin: I haven’t decided yet. Have you any plan?

Tamim: Yes, I’d like to do a computer course.

Taskin: Why have you decided to learn computer?

Tamim: Well, in the present world, everything depends on the computer. There’s no sector where the computer is not being used.

Taskin: I have an intention of learning computer too. But how can it benefit me?

Tamim: If you can handle a computer, you can browse the internet, which is now called the storehouse of knowledge and information. Besides the government has made computer education compulsory at the secondary and higher secondary level.

Taskin: Oh, yes. That means if I’ve knowledge of computer, it’ll be helpful for my academic course too.

Tamim: Exactly. Moreover, learning computer is important for your future career.

Taskin: How? Please explain.

Tamim: OK. At present, the computer is being used in almost every sector. So, without adequate knowledge of computer, it isn’t possible for you to get a good job.

Taskin: I see. Now, I can understand. My uncle also told me that job advertisements nowadays ask for candidates with computer literacy.

Tamim: Exactly.

Taskin: I’ll also learn computer after the exam. Thank you very much.

Tamim: You’re most welcome.

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