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Hey dear student, here I have shared a sample dialogue between 2 friends on the proper use of time. I hope, this will help you write dialogue on your own.

Let’s read the dialogue.

Question: Suppose you are Masum and your friend is Sabbir who does not prepare his lesson in time. Very often he wastes his time watching TV. So, he always cuts a sorry figure in the examination. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend about the proper use of time.

Masum: Hello Sabbir. Nice to meet you.

Sabbir: Me too. How are You?

Masum: Fine. Thank you. And how about you?

Sabbir: I’m fine too. But I am worried about my studies.

Masum: Worried! Why?

Sabbir: I always cut a sorry figure in the examination.

Masum: I see.

Sabbir: You’ve always been on top in your exams. What is the secret of your brilliant results?

Masum: Hard work. You have to study regularly.

Sabbir: I read seriously when the exam approaches.

Masum: Most students do that. There are certain things you must do if you want good results.

Sabbir: Please, tell me about those things, will you?

Masum: Certainly. You must proper use of time. By the way, do you put off your work for tomorrow?

Sabbir: Yes, I do.

Masum: That’s the wrong with you. You must read seriously from the beginning of the session.

Sabbir: I will do that. Anything more?

Masum: Don’t waste time in idleness. Do you watch always?

Sabbir: Yes, I do. Watching TV has become a habit with me.

Masum: Most of the young boys and girls do that. You must not waste your time by watching TV.

Sabbir: I will follow your advice.

Masum: It’s a pleasure for me. You must remember that lost time never comes back.

Sabbir: Sure.

Masum: That’s good. Remember that success in life depends on the proper use of time.

Sabbir: Thanks a lot Masum. You’ve been very helpful.

Masum: You are welcome. It was nice speaking to you.

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