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Here is the list some important paragraphs for HSC 2021 students of all boards. These paragraphs have their own pages.

Students, paragraph is not a subject to memorize. You have to acquire the knowledge how you can write the paragraphs on your own. I have something to tell you how you can improve your writing skill.

First, make categories of paragraphs. Such as problem type paragraph, visiting type paragraph, technological invention type paragraph. Make a structure for every type of paragraphs and practice writing. Hope you can improve your paragraph writing skills.

Let’s see the important paragraphs for HSC 2021. To read the full paragraph, just click on the paragraph name.

important paragraphs for hsc

Important Paragraphs for HSC Exam 2021

* Marked items are very very important for all board. You better prepare all the paragraphs omitting the items of your own Board Exam 2019.

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For English 1st Paper

  1. Diaspora *
  2. Folk Music *
  3. Environment Pollution *
  4. Food Adulteration *
  5. Climate Change *
  6. Adolescence
  7. Global Warming
  8. Etiquette and Manners *
  9. Pahela Baishakh *
  10. Deforestation
  11. Tree Plantation
  12. Gender Discrimination
  13. Natural Calamities in Bangladesh
  14. Globalization and Information Technology
  15. Historic 7th March Speech

For English 2nd Paper

  1. Internet *
  2. Facebook *
  3. Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phone *
  4. The Importance of Learning English *
  5. Your Favourite Teacher *
  6. Drug Addiction
  7. Higher Education in Bangladesh
  8. Bangabandhu Satellite
  9. Female Education
  10. Road Accident *
  11. Child Labour *
  12. Street Children
  13. College Library *
  14. An Ideal Student *
  15. Victory Day
  16. Newspaper
  17. Mujib Year / Mujib Borsho
  18. Coronavirus / COVID-19
  19. Dowry System

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