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Hey JSC Examinee, How are you? Hope you are doing well preparing yourselves for coming JSC Examination 2020. Here is JSC English Suggestion 2020 (new syllabus).

If you take preparation with this suggestion, you are 95 % prepared for your exam. You should follow the previous JSC English Questions. So have a look at this.

JSC English Suggestion 2020

Seen Comprehensions

  1. NakshiKatha is a (U-1.L-2)
  2. Zara live with (U-6. L-1)
  3. Shamima’s misery (U-5. L-3)
  4. Once upon a time (U-5. L-5)
  5. River gypsies in (U-7. L-3)
  6. At the farthest corner (U-5.L-3)
  7. The ethnic people in (U-1.L-3&4)
  8. Bangladeshi cuisine (U-1. L-5)
  1. Communication of ideas (U-9.L-3)
  2. The word ‘hygiene` happy life (U-3.L-3)
  3. A six-year-old boy (U-8. L-1)
  4. Zara live with (U-6. L-1)
  5. Health is the condition (U-3 .L-1)

Unseen Comprehensions


  1. Sher E Bangla A K Fazlul Haq
  2. You have heard the name of S M Sultan
  3. Mother Teresa
  4. Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir
  5. Joynul Abedin was
  6. Begum Rokeya was
  7. Neil Armstrong
  8. Dr Muhammad Shahidullah
  9. Ferdousi, the great poet
  10. Smoking is a very bad habit
  11. Jibonando Das was born
  12. John Donne was
  13. The Nobel Prize is
  14. Rabindranath Tagore is
  15. The moon is
  16. Albert Einstein
  17. George Washington.
  18. Lord Byron Was


  1. Traffic Jam
  2. Your School Magazine
  3. Importance of Learning English
  4. Tree Plantation
  5. Your School Library
  6. A Tea Stall
  7. A Winter Morning
  8. Our National Flag
  9. A Rainy Day
  10. Load Shedding
  11. A Book Fair
  12. Street Accident/ Road Accident
  13. A Day Labourer
  14. Life of a Farmer



  1. Dialogue between friends about tree plantation
  2. Dialogue about the importance of learning English
  3. Dialogue about early rising
  4. Dialogue about a favourite hobby
  5. Dialogue about the importance of reading newspaper
  6. Dialogue about a football match
  7. Dialogue between you and a salesman
  8. Dialogue between you and Headmaster about Transfer Certificate
  9. Dialogue between a doctor and a patient.


  1. Email to pen friend inviting him to visit Bangladesh.
  2. Email to pen friend writing about the natural beauty of Bangladesh.
  3. Email to friend congratulating him on brilliant success.
  4. Email to father asking some money.
  5. Email to father informing about preparation for JSC Exam.
  6. Email to a friend about your aim in life.
  7. Email to a friend thanking for her hospitality
  8. Email to a friend thanking for a nice gift.

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