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Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper expressing your concern about growing deforestation in your area.


Describe how deforestation is changing your environment. Also, suggest what actions could be taken to stop cutting down trees. Follow the clues below.

  • Dangers caused by deforestation
  • Increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • The greenhouse effect
  • Making people aware of the adverse effect of deforestation
  • Making an action plan to stop deforestation

21 November 2020

The Editor
The Bangladesh Observer,
Motljheel, Dhaka

Subject: Growing Deforestation in Kaptai

Dear sir, I shall be very happy if you kindly publish the following letter in your esteemed daily.

Yours faithfully,
Akbar Hossain 10,
Kaptai, Rangamati.

Kaptai Going to be a Desert

Kaptai is going to be desert soon because of cutting and burning trees at random. People in our locality are cutting down trees without permission for various purposes. As a result, it is many adverse effects in the environment.

There are bad impacts of deforestation, Deforestation causes an increase in carbon dioxide which is responsible for global warming. Temperatures are increased in our locality. The people who would work in the field and take rest under the tree, now find it difficult to work.

Now the forest area in our locality is around 5%. For a proper ecological balance, there should be 30% forest area. So, we will surely face an ecological imbalance in near future.

To stop cutting down trees, we should make people realize the bad consequence of deforestation. Mass media can help in raising public awareness. We also should encourage people to plant more trees.

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