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A good friend is the greatest gift in one’s life. But getting a good and true friend is difficult to find. We all know, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This sentence tells what a good friend is. The friend who stands by you in your danger is a real friend. A real friend is the closest, dearest, faithfull and best companion in life. Here, I am going to a paragraph about a good friend. Hope, it will help you.

Paragraph about Good Friend

Paragraph about a Good Friend in 200 Words

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A Good Friend

Friendship is a bond between people with the same interests and opinions. Such people are called friends. Friends are the gems of our lives. A good friendship is the most beautiful blessing from the Allah. A good friend is someone hard to find with no expectations and no demands. He/she never lets his/her friend alone when they pass a hard time.
Choosing or making a good friend is not so easy. The only way to find out a good friend is to become a true friend. There should be some essential elements in an ideal friendship. This is understanding, empathy, honesty and above all faithfulness.
The benefit of finding a good friend is a lot. A good friend shares the joys of success and problems of adversity. He/she does not hesitate to sacrifice happiness and wealth for the purpose of friendship. A good friend always guides his/her friend to welfare and success. He also tries his / her best to discourage his / her friend from doing illegal and immoral actions.
Today our social situation is seriously polluted because of unchecked sin and violence resulted from selfishness. Only by making good friendships can provide largely to the change in this situation. It can make our personal as well as social lives healthy.

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