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This is a short paragraph on child labour for students. In this paragraph, I’ll be writing the main reasons and impacts of child labour.


Let’s read the paragraph carefully.

Paragraph on Child Labour in 250 Words

Child labour is a harmful act which involves the children of below 14 in works. It harms the children to a great extent and keeps them away from school. The percentage of child labour is rising around the whole world. Child labour is also one of the acute problems in Bangladesh.

There are some reasons for child labour. Increase of gap between the rich and poor is the main problem. Besides, increasing the cost of living is another reason for child labour. The poor families are compelled to send their children in work to meet living cost. In Bangladesh, population growth is also responsible for this problem.

Paragraph on Child Labour

According to research, it is found that about millions of young children were involved in illegal work by in the recent decades. According to the International Labor Organization, it is found that around 215 million children under age group 5-17 years are working in the extremely risky and exploitative field as they belong to the extremely poor family. Most of the children are involved in commercial agriculture, manufacturing, mining, fishing, production, domestic service, drug trade, prostitution, garments factories, work-shops, hotels, battery factories and so on.


It is recorded that, approximately 114 million (53%) child laborers are in Asia and the Pacific, 65 million (30%) are in sub-Saharan Africa and 14 million (7%) are in Latin America.

First of all, the government should come forward stop child labour by strict law. At the same time, financial help should be given to the poor families, Some NGO and the government are already engaged in a number of programs to find a way out of this problem.

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