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Dear students, this is a short paragraph on Cyber Crime. Here, a short idea of cyber crime, causes and types of cyber crime are described in short. This paragraph is suitable for secondary and higher secondary level students. To learn more about cyber crime, you can read composition on cyber crime.

After reading this paragraph you can answer following questions,

  • What is cyber crime?
  • What are the examples of cyber crime?
  • What are the reasons for cyber crimes?
  • How can we be safe from this kind of crime?

Paragraph on Cyber Crime (200 Words)

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is a computer-oriented crime which involves a computer and network. Basically, Cyber Crime means any criminal activity over the Internet. In this kind of crimes, a computer may be either target of the crime or a tool of the crime or contain evidence of the crime. There are various types of cyber crimes such as hacking, identity theft, fraud, malware program, theft and damaging of information, pornography, harassment, cyber stalking, etc.

paragraph on cyber crime

Earlier, cyber crime was committed by individuals or small groups. But at present, it is seen that there are highly complex criminal networks bring together individuals globally to commit crimes in real-time. So, cyber crime has become more complicated than conventional crime. Cyber criminals are not motivated by ego or expertise. Instead, they engage themselves in this crime to gain profits by deceiving and exploiting people. There may be other causes of cyber crimes. Cyber crimes have become major threat today. It is not possible to stop cyber crimes from the cyber space. However, it is quite possible to find out and check them. The home users are the main target of cyber attacks as they are less conscious of security. Users must save any electronic information trail on their computers, use of anti-virus software or firewalls.

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