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What is education really? How many of you can answer the question? I think many of you can not tell the meaning of education.

Today I’m gonna write a short paragraph on education answering the question.

However, this paragraph will surely be helpful for SSC, HSC or higher level students. Let’s read it.

After reading the paragraph, you can learn;

  • What is true education?
  • What is the purpose of education?
  • How does education change a person?
  • Why is education so important for us?

Paragraph on Education

Paragraph on Education in 100 Words


Education is an important part of human life. Education gives us meaning in our life. It develops our minds and intellect. It helps to know right and wrong. It also helps us to make the best decision in life. In an educated society, people can ensure well planned social structure, political and economic welfare. So, education ensures social justice, political freedom, and economic strength. On the other hand, a society remains in the darkness without education. Education must be given the most priority in every society or country. Government should ensure that children must have access to education. A society or country can progress swiftly and peacefully through universal access to education.

Paragraph on True Education in 200 Words

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Education is a mental and intellectual training given in schools, colleges, and universities. There is certainly a difference between true education and traditional education. That education is true when it is able to bring about better changes in our habits and mentality.

Education gives us light to differentiate between right and wrong. If we don’t know and follow what is right, what is the use of education? While we receive education, we should try to materialize what we learn to be right in our practical life. It means we should inculcate the good things we learn in our day-to-day life.

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True education helps and encourages us to flourish our hidden human quality and suppress our animals as much as possible. True education makes a man more human and more rational. Mere education can make a man efficient but without regard for right and wrong, moral principles, propriety, and impropriety, a man is devoid of all the human qualities.

So we can know from the practice of a man whether he is truly educated or not. Mere certificate-oriented education is not real education. The education learned through practice and experience is real education. True education makes a right man.

So we all should cherish a desire for having true education to practice the good things we receive from true education.

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