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Dear students or parents, Here I have shared a paragraph on the food pyramid for class 5 students. In this paragraph, I’ll write what is food pyramid, the different groups of foods in the pyramid, how a food pyramid helps us to choose foods in our dining.

Let’s read the paragraph.

Paragraph on Food Pyramid for Class 5

A food pyramid is a food chart shaped like a pyramid. This food chart shows the importance of different food groups from the bottom to the top of the pyramid. The bottom line food group is the most important and top food group is the least important. A food pyramid indicates which foods we should eat much and which foods less. Grain foods such as Rice, Root, Bread, Potato, etc. are placed at the bottom. This food group contains Sugars which give us energy. Then, fruits and vegetables are on the second upper level in the pyramid. These foods contain vitamins and minerals which keep us healthy and increase our immunity. In the 3rd upper level, there are fish, meat, dairy products, beans, and lentils. These foods mainly contain huge protein which keeps our body strong. Fats and oil are placed on the top and last level of the food pyramid. They are delicious to eat but eating much of this food is not healthy for us. Fat stores energy in our body. Thus a food pyramid can help us to choose foods in our daily routine.

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