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Paragraph on International Trade Fair

Dear student, I have come with another important paragraph for HSC. This is the paragraph on International Trade Fair. You may also be asked to write on Dhaka International Trade Fair or Chittagong International Trade Fair.
No matter, you can answer the question if you are prepared for the following questions which you may find in exam.

After reading the paragraph, you will be able to answer the following questions;

  • What is a trade fair?
  • What are the benefits of the trade fair
  • What are displayed in a trade fair?
  • How does a trade fair help a country?
  • What do the people of other countries can know
  • How does a trade fair improve our economy?
  • Why is the trade fair important for us?

Paragraph on International Trade Fair

Paragraph on International Trade Fair for SSC/HSC(200 Words)

International Trade Fair

Trade fair is an attractive fair where various types of industrial goods are displayed. It is a kind of publicity to draw the attention of the national and international industrialists, producers and customers. 
Normally, it is held once a year. The host country invites other countries to participate and display their exportable goods at the fair. Different types of artworks, crafts, handicrafts, agricultural and industrial products, etc. are placed in a trade fair.

There are some benefits of a trade fair. The host country can be able to know about the goods of other countries through a trade fair. At the same time, foreigners can know about the culture of the host country. Trade fair plays a very important role in introducing our homemade goods to other countries. We can display our goods to foreign buyers. It encourages foreign countries to import goods from our country. Thus it also helps us in earning foreign exchange. We can also know about the new foreign products from the trade fair.
So, a trade fair is necessary to be held every year in our country. Like any other fair, there are arrangements for recreation and food at the fair.
However, last year, I went to visit Dhaka International Trade Fair 2018. Different types of goods were sold there. A large number of people gathered there. I enjoyed the fair very much.

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