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Dear students, today I’m gonna show you how you will write a paragraph on your favourite food. The paragraph in most important for class 4, 5 and 6. I have written the paragraph in 200 words for ssc and hsc level students. You can change it as you like.

How to Write a Paragraph on your favourite food?

First write the name of the food. Describe why it is favourite to you and write the procedure of making the food. You should also tell the value of the food. Add a conclusion sentence. That’s all.

Paragraph on my favourite food

Let’s learn the paragraph. After reading the sample paragraph on my favourite food, you can answer the following questions;

  • What is your favourite food?
  • Why is it your favourite?
  • How to prepare your favourite food?
  • What are the main ingredients in it?

Paragraph on My Favourite Food in 200 Words

My Favourite Food

If there is any food on earth that I can eat forever and will become never bored with that, it is Custard. Custard is my favourite food. I ate custard for the first time when I was in class six.
Food is extremely important for our body because we cannot live without it. we always have to eat nutritious food. The food must contain natural elements that our body must grow properly.

Custard is very easy to prepare. I can prepare it myself. Milk and different types of fruits are the main ingredients of Custard. I often have it within the evening. We’d like to drink milk every day. Milk is rich in calcium and protein. It’s good for our healthy growth. It makes our bones and teeth strong.
We must eat various fruits. Fruits contain tons of vitamins and minerals. They keep our body free from diseases. They’re also good for our skin and health. To prepare the custard, we add milk and a few sorts of fruits, like Mango, Banana, Apple etc. Custard powder is also added to make it tastier.
So, Custard is extremely delicious as well as nutritious. I prefer to have it regularly.

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