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After reading this paragraph you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is a post office?  
  • What are the functions of a post office? 
  • What are the functions of a postman? 
  • What banking function does a post office play?
  • How do the letters and other articles sent through postal services reach the destination?  

Paragraph on Post Office (250 Words)

paragraph on post office

A Post Office

A post office refers to an office where postal service is offered to the people. It is a government run office. It offers mail-related services such as accepting and delivering letter,  parcels and money orders and selling postage and various kinds of stamps, forms and others. Recently Electronic Money Transfer Service (EMTS) has been added to the postal service in Bangladesh.  In every town and even in the remote villages, there are post offices for providing mail-related service. There is a post box hanging in the post office. The public insert their letters into the box. The chief of a post office is Post Master. In a post office postman is a familiar figure. He delivers letters and money orders to the payee. He goes from house to house. A post office also plays the role of a bank. Savings bank accounts can be opened with it. Cumulative deposits and time deposits are also available with it. Withdrawal is also done in the post office. Recently Bangladesh postal service has introduced Postal Cash Card. It is a debit card. It provides services such as Cash in, Cash out, Balance transfer to other cards, transaction with ATM located at post offices or QCASH marked ATM booths. In the past, the letters were sent by horses but now these are sent by railways, transport and airways. As a result, letters and other articles sent through postal service reach the destination in short time from long distances. The post office is very useful for us. It is also safe to keep our money in the post office.

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