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Hey students how are you, today I came with one more paragraph on Self Employment in Bangladesh. You can write this paragraph only for self-employment.

You know, getting no jobs after completing education is the most acute problem for young people.
So, self-employment is the only alternative in this situation.

Paragraph on self employment

Self Employment (200 Words)

Self-employment means to create a job or earning an opportunity for oneself by own effort. At present unemployment is the most acute problem in Bangladesh. We know Bangladesh is an overpopulated country so the government alone can not provide enough job opportunities for increased population. Unemployment is a curse. In this situation, self-employment is the only solution which can save use from this curse. We should realize that comfortable jobs in office or bank for every citizen is never possible. There are more people in our country than jobs. We should not depend on jobs only. Educated youths should not remain idle after completing their studies.

They should remember that self help is the best help. They can start business or farm after taking training on various skills of their interest. They can start an online or local shop, create products or services. They can also engage themselves in agricultural farming, poultry raising, fish cultivation, livestock rearing etc. The government and different NGOs are working to inspire the young people in self-employment. They also provides the youths with training and loans on easy terms to start these jobs. So, we should make our employment ourselves because a self-employed man can not only create job for himself but also give jobs to other people.

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